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Best Self-Love Podcasts for Mastering Self-Acceptance in 2023


Best Self-Love Podcasts for Mastering Self-Acceptance in 2023

In the busy whirlwind of modern life, many of us put our own needs last. This doesn’t just apply to materialistic things, but to taking care of ourselves on the inside. Loving yourself for who you are can be hard to prioritize. A little prompting from the right podcast can remind you to be kind to yourself.

The great thing about self-love podcasts is that there are many available to listen to right now! With so many choices, chances are that the right podcast to help you become resilient, confident and self-trusting is just waiting to be discovered. We can help you find your podcast match, with this list of the 10 best self-love podcasts for 2023.

Why should you listen to self-love podcasts? 

Understanding, accepting, and loving yourself can have a huge knock-on effect on every aspect of your daily life. When you approach work and relationships with a mindset of self-love, you can find more fulfillment in them. Learning to love yourself builds your self-esteem, and increases your resilience.

Self-love podcasts are a practical way to change your perspective of yourself. Many of us want to be more loving to ourselves, but don’t know how to make it happen. With the right podcast, a host can help you explore different aspects of your personality. You can address any insecurities you have, and the critical voice in your head. 

10 Best Self-Love Podcasts for 2023

Are you ready to become more compassionate towards yourself? Self-love is an important mindset for achieving success in different aspects of life and taking care of yourself from within. So get started on your journey towards self-acceptance today, by listening to one of our ten highly recommended self-love podcasts.

 1: Affirmation Pod

Affirmation Pod for self love
Affirmation Pod

Rating: 4.7 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Josie Ong

Host Josie Ong discusses affirmations in each episode of this popular podcast. These soothing affirmations focus on self-acceptance, self-esteem, and health, helping you build your internal strength. This calming podcast is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Play an episode in the morning to boost your confidence for the day, or in the evening to wind down and reconnect with yourself. The Affirmation Pod can help you keep a positive frame of mind by teaching skills including reparenting yourself and having gratitude.

2: The Road to Self Love

The Road to Self Love podcast
The Road to Self Love

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Paul Fishman 

Paul Fishman is a self-love coach here to help you confront and overcome any negativity you’re holding onto. Many things can prevent us from truly loving ourselves, including traumas, living in the past, or self-criticism. Paul is unafraid of diving into these topics and deeply exploring the challenges we face. Paul teaches methods of self-understanding and healing. His podcast shows that loving ourselves through our most difficult life experiences is of the utmost importance.

 3: The Confidence Podcast

The Confidence podcast
The Confidence Podcast

Rating: 4.9 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Trish Blackwell 

The Confidence Podcast was created to help and encourage women struggling with self-criticism to live with courage and confidence. Intended to change your way of thinking, each episode offers methods to deal with different challenges. From overthinking, negative self-talk, feeling insecure in public settings, and more, Trish gives advice on transforming your mindset. The podcast takes a practical approach, setting up goals to focus on during your self-love journey.

4: The Self-Love Club

The Self-Love Club podcast
The Self Love Club

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Bel Crawford

The Self Love Club is a welcoming place to hear chatty episodes from Bel. As the host, Bel talks like a close friend who’s on your side when it comes to understanding and taking care of yourself. Bel is interested in mental health, societal pressures, body image, therapy, relationship conflicts, and more! With such a range of topics to cover, no two episodes are alike. Realistically teaching healthy habits, this podcast is down to earth with its advice. The focus is on loving yourself from within and accepting all the parts of yourself that may make you feel insecure.

5: The Self-Love Fix

The Self Love Fix podcast
The Self Love Fix

Rating: 4.9 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Beatrice Kamau

Have you ever dealt with imposter syndrome, or had trouble setting boundaries? These are just a couple of the topics Beatrice can help you with in her eye-opening podcast. Speaking from her own experience of lacking self-trust and being a compulsive perfectionist, Beatrice now speaks out on anxiety, depression, and having unrealistic standards towards yourself. The deep discussions she raises can help you face struggles with people-pleasing and low self-esteem. Self-healing is an unmissable step on the journey to self-love, which this podcast takes pride in teaching.

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6: Self-Love Babe

Self-Love Babe podcast
Self Love Babe

Rating: 4.9 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Genevieve Jackson

The Self Love Babe podcast is all about making time for your needs and prioritizing your mental wellness. Host Genevieve gets candid about her own failures and successes when it comes to self-love. Her honesty makes this a refreshing podcast to listen to, and a safe space for listeners to address challenges in their own lives. Genevieve’s way of talking, filled with jokes, swearing, and outrageous images, will have you laughing and learning at the same time. Her messages of female empowerment are fearless and unapologetic, great for boosting your confidence.

7: Wildly Worthy

Wildy Worthy self love podcast
Wildly Worthy

Rating: 4.9 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Niki Ferguson 

Niki Ferguson’s podcast asks important questions to get you thinking, such as: can money buy happiness? This podcast uniquely brings together discussions of both self-love and finances. With a practical tone, the episodes consider self-improvement internally and externally, to enhance the way you live your life. Niki shows how self-love is connected to career success. Confidence, intuition, and self-compassion can have a knock-on effect on your work and income. This makes self-love all the more essential.

8: The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

The Happiness Lab podcast
The Happiness Lab

Rating: 4.7 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Dr. Laurie Santos 

Are you interested in the science behind self-love? This podcast has you covered with fact-based insights into how to live a happy life. Dr. Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale, has done the research so you don’t have to. She can help you understand yourself more deeply by revealing the reasons why people feel angry, regretful, or noncommittal. Dr. Laurie also covers negative self-talk. She helps listeners to challenge their own harmful thoughts with a self-love mindset.

9: Self-Care and Chill with Maui

Self-Care and Chill with Maui podcast
Self-Care and Chill with Maui

Rating: 4.9 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Amirah Morris

Self Care and Chill is the ideal podcast to play when you need to decompress or want some honest advice about navigating the world of romance. A great listen for women in their 20s, this podcast covers the highs and lows of modern love. With discussions on sex and relationships, host Amirah (Maui) isn’t afraid to get real and give her opinions. She teaches that great relationships begin with self-love, and shares how to set boundaries, be mindful, and have the right standards for others.  

10: Happy Place

Happy Place self love podcast
Happy Place

Rating: 4.7 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Fearne Cotton

This podcast is hosted by celebrity Fearne Cotton, whose time as a confident TV presenter shows in her lively conversations with guests. Fearne asks all the right questions to those who join her on the podcast, including Matt Haig, Emily Ratajowski, and Jada Pinkett Smith. Each episode features deep discussions about what happiness means to the featured guest. Focussing on the most important aspects of what makes life worth living, this podcast shows the importance of self-forgiveness, being non-judgemental, and having self-compassion. 

Best self-love podcast for young adults

The Affirmation Pod hosted by Josie Ong is a great place for young adults to begin exploring the topic of self-love. Each episode is about 10 minutes long, so young people are unlikely to get bored or agitated while listening. Josie keeps the affirmation in each episode simple. For example, she discusses the phrase ‘I am resilient’ and advises on how it can guide you through your day. This makes her podcast a great fit for young adults, as the teachings are understandable for both preteens and adults.

Best female self-love podcast

Created as a safe space to challenge self-doubt, The Confidence Podcast is a great choice for any woman craving inner joy, courage, and self-worth. The positive and bubbly host Trish Blackwell is a talented motivational speaker, who can help you develop a healthy mindset. Trish’s focus on uplifting and empowering women to live with courage and fully accept themselves could revolutionize your way of living. She focuses on developing mental resilience, inner peace, and of course self-love. 

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FAQs on Self-Love Podcasts

How do I fall in love with myself through podcasts?

There are many great podcasts out there that can help you connect with and appreciate yourself. Learning to love yourself is a journey, and can take more time for some than others. Podcasts can be a great way to guide yourself along a path of self-love. Some helpful podcasts for falling in love with yourself include: The Road to Self Love, Affirmation Pod, and Self Care and Chill with Maui. These podcasts focus on developing self-worth, being kind to yourself, and developing a mindful way of thinking.

What psychology says about self-love?

Psychologists claim that practicing self-love can improve how you manage your emotions. Not only that but viewing yourself in a positive light can improve your self-esteem, motivation, determination, and more! Many psychology practices focus on creating a positive bias towards yourself. This is because having a self-love mindset causes positive emotional and physical changes, such as improved sleep.

Is self-love a coping mechanism?

Research has shown that being compassionate towards yourself can help you cope with difficult situations. Self-love creates a strong internal foundation, which makes you more mentally resilient. This means that when things get tough you can stay more positive and recover from challenges more easily.

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