Best OpenReel Alternative for Your Use


Best OpenReel Alternative for Your Use

Every day, massive volumes of videos get published online by both creative individuals and businesses. To make all that video look and sound professional, there is a growing need for affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use video production software.

While OpenReel is a remote video recording tool used by enterprises, you might find a better alternative out of Riverside, which is significantly more affordable and allows you to create high-quality video recording from anywhere.  

This article will compare both tools in terms of reliability, platforms supported, ease of use, pricing, recording quality, collaboration features, and the download speed of the recordings. These are important criteria that will help you understand which remote video recording platform is for you.


What is OpenReel?

OpenReel is a remote video recording software that enables you to record up to 4K videos straight from your tablet, phone, or webcam. It is commonly used by global enterprises to remotely direct, control, script, film, and collaborate on high-definition video projects without leaving the desk.

OpenReel’s functionality allows distributed teams to enhance collaboration and high production value while minimizing logistical and resource constraints associated with in-person shoots.

It’s Perfect For…

  • Companies looking to record videos remotely
  • Companies looking to record on iPhone

Features and Functionality

  • Record up to 4K high-definition video through your device (except for desktop and laptops, which can only be recorded up to 720p, regardless of the webcam or external DSLR used).
  • Shoot with your phone, tablet, or web camera.
  • Control the shoot through your computer: start, stop, focus, resolution, and more.
  • Invite team members to join and watch the video shoot live.
  • Control the teleprompter on your subjects’ screen.
  • Record and download 4K video files directly on your iOS device.
  • Create engaging company updates from the company’s leadership, including town halls, quarterly updates, workshops, and more.
  • Produce ongoing influencer content and create consistent videos from your top clients.


OpenReel describes various plans on its website, but it doesn’t display the exact pricing publically. The pricing varies based on the client account and can range from $4.8K to $10K per month for the regular plans. If you are looking for enterprise use, these prices may even go up to $13K per month. If you want to record remotely outside the US, expect the prices to increase further.


  • Multicam setup available to capture videos from different angles
  • Teleprompter functionality for you, your subject, or both
  • Ability to invite four team members and collaborate with them in real-time
  • Available through the browser for desktop 
  • iOS users can also use OpenReel through an app they need to download.


  • Extremely expensive, can cost you more than 50K a year
  • No free trial
  • Not available for Android users
  • Not user friendly
  • Recordings are uploaded after the session ends. If one of the participants disconnects from the session before the end, there’s a risk that you’ll lose the recording. This type of uploading also means that it’ll take a much longer time to download the recording than with Riverside, which does a more efficient way of uploading recordings. 
  • Guest links expire after 24 hours. This means that you won’t be able to schedule and create the session more than a day in advance.  
  • Unstable and buggy
  • Dashboard does not allow multiple users
  • Only supports 4 people in a session
  • Need to request each video to be converted to MP4, and it takes a very long time before the videos are ready to download 
  • Recordings not automatically recorded to MP4
  • No Producer mode to control user interactions and volume levels
  • No option to record screen or share screen
  • There is no shareable link to invite people, so no option to review the recording live for an external audience
  • Maximum recording laptop or desktop quality is 720p
  • No live streaming functionality

What is

Riverside is an online video- and audio-recording platform that allows recording and producing webinars and video interviews in studio quality through your computer browser, without the need for any additional equipment. Incredibly easy-to-use, Riverside locally records each video and audio track, meaning that you receive high-quality recordings even if the browser or computer crashes or your internet is slow.

It’s Perfect For…

  • Enterprises looking for high-quality video recording options for conferences, webinars, and internal use
  • Video creators looking to record studio-quality remote interviews and other remote video recordings from the comfort of their home

Features and Functionality

  • Available in the Chrome browser and as a downloadable iOS app.
  • Record locally uncompressed up to 4K video quality and 48kHz WAV audio for every guest separately, even with a slow internet connection.
  • Download individual video and audio tracks for each guest instantly, as your videos and audio are uploaded and saved automatically during the recording.
  • Shared work environment between team members under one platform.
  • Easily schedule your video sessions and webinars, and invite up to 8 guests with a link.
  • Producer mode: user’s interactions are not recorded, but you will be able to control different parts of the session, such as speaking rights, changing volume levels, and monitoring remote guests’ equipment.
  • Interact with the audience in real-time through live call-ins and chat while you are streaming.
  • Share the screen with your colleagues during a business meeting, conference call, or webinar.
  • Live stream your video to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and a custom RTMP destination simultaneously.
  • Customize your studio with personalized branding.


Riverside offers four subscription pricing plans, with monthly and yearly billing options: Basic ($9/month), Standard ($19/month), Pro ($29/month), and Enterprise (upon request). They all include varying recording hours depending on the plan, separate video and audio tracks, allow live-streaming, and accept live call-ins. The Enterprise plan has more recording hours, manual onboarding, custom-branded green room and studio, a dedicated customer success manager, a shared work environment between team members, a master service agreement, and SSO.


  • Reliable platform
  • Progressive upload. This is when the audio and video recording gets progressively uploaded throughout the session in the background. This helps ensure that nothing gets lost, in case a participant accidentally disconnects. Progressive uploading also makes the time it takes to download the recording much shorter.
  • Studio-quality audio and video recording from the comfort of your home
  • Customized recording packages for enterprise use
  • You can instantly download the recording after the session’s over
  • Ability to invite up to 8 guests for video and audio interviews and webinars
  • Does not require any additional recording software or equipment
  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • 60 minutes free trial. Enterprise clients get an even longer free trial.


  • Doesn’t include transition or live video effects

OpenReel vs Riverside: Summary

Now that we have taken a look at the two remote video recording and production tools, let us summarize the key differences and similarities between OpenReel and Riverside.


  • With OpenReel, the videos are uploaded after the session ends, which means that you might lose your recording if the platform crashes.
  • Riverside is a trusted and reliable platform that offers progressive upload (videos are uploaded at the same time as they are recorded). In addition, the videos are recorded locally, meaning that the quality isn’t affected by your internet connection.

Platforms Supported

  • OpenReel works on both iOS and web-based platforms but isn’t available for Android.
  • Riverside is available as a web-based platform using the Google Chrome browser or a downloadable iOS app.


  • OpenReel lacks user-friendliness and requires some time to get used to.
  • Riverside offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface and does not require any additional equipment or recording software.


  • OpenReel prices can reach over $50K per year, and there is no free trial available.
  • Riverside offers a 1-hour free trial and affordable monthly prices starting at $7.50 per month with annual billing.

Recording Quality

  • Even though OpenReel recording through an iOS device can go up to 4K in quality, the webcam recording quality is limited to 720P.
  • Riverside allows for up to 4K video quality recording through your webcam. With this platform, each video is recorded locally, meaning that you can receive a high-quality recording regardless of the internet speed and interruptions.


  • OpenReel allows you to invite up to 4 team members and collaborate in real-time. There is no option to schedule recordings more than 24 hours ahead, and guest links expire after that time. There is no option to record and share your screen during the meeting. In addition, the user dashboard doesn’t allow for multiple users.
  • Riverside allows you to invite up to 8 guests for video interviews and webinars. You can schedule the session at any time and easily share the invitation link with your guests. You can also share your screen with your colleagues during a conference call or webinar.

Download Speed

  • With OpenReel, you need to request the video to be converted to MP4 manually, and it takes considerable time before it is ready for download.
  • With Riverside, the video is available for download as soon as the recording is complete.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Riverside offers a more user-friendly and reliable solution for online video and audio recording as compared to OpenReel. For an affordable monthly subscription fee, you receive locally-recorded videos in 4K quality that are ready for download as soon as the session is over.

Record Professional Videos Remotely with

Nothing makes an everlasting impression like a high-quality video recording. Whether you are an amateur video lover, a YouTuber, or a business professional looking to enhance your company’s marketing efforts or simplify webinar logistics, it is important to select the right video recording and conferencing software that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.

a reliable and user-friendly online video and audio recording platform, you can create locally-recorded high-definition videos from anywhere in the world. Start your free trial today.

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