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Riverside partners with Anchor by Spotify: Create your video podcast for millions of viewers

Riverside partners with Spotify's podcasting platform, Anchor for video podcasts. Record on Riverside and share with millions on Spotify through Anchor.
Riverside team
Nov 26, 2023
Last Updated:
November 26, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

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Riverside is already the destination for all-inclusive online recording, whether you’re creating high-quality audio or video (or both!). But we know that growing your audience and monetizing content remains a key challenge for creators at all levels. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our new partnership with Spotify’s podcasting platform, Anchor.

The new Riverside x Spotify integration is the optimal way to create a podcast from beginning to end. It's simple to record and edit high-quality content on your browser with Riverside, and then distribute it on Spotify through Anchor.

The integration coincides with Spotify’s launch of its video podcast feature to English-speaking countries. It allows Riverside users to share their video podcasts with a few clicks and reach Spotify’s 406 million monthly active users. Just as importantly, Riverside users will gain access to Anchor's tools and features, including analytics and a variety of monetization options.

Create with Riverside, distribute to Spotify through Anchor 

Anyone can record and edit a professional podcast using Riverside’s high-quality software and easy editing tools. The platform enables creators to record audio and video content locally, straight from their browser. This way, recording files are not affected by poor wifi or other internet-related issues. Riverside also provides separate audio and video tracks that gives users full control over the post-production process. Now, you can also distribute your podcast and directly publish it to Spotify through Anchor with the tap of a single button. You’ll no longer waste time exporting your recording only to re-upload it.

Publish your video podcast on Spotify with a few simple steps

Creating Video Podcasts on Riverside is easy—all you need is your browser to record and edit your content in studio quality.

Once you’re ready to share your content, simply click the Spotify icon in the Riverside platform to bring your video into Anchor. If you don’t have an Anchor account yet, this is where you’ll be able to create one.

How to upload a video podcast from Riverside to Spotify through Anchor.

Then fill out a few details about your show and episode content to make it discoverable on Spotify, (you’ll only have to complete this step once).  

Finally, press ‘publish’ to instantly distribute your content to Spotify’s global audience. And that’s it- Your Video Podcast will be viewable on Spotify.

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Improve your content and engagement with valuable analytics

While Riverside gives you all the tools you need for podcast creation, this integration gives you access to Anchor’s exclusive features. This includes Q&A and Polls, Podcast Subscriptions, monetization tools and more. You’ll also get free access to Anchor’s best-in-class analytics—including total plays, estimated audience size, unique listeners, plays per episode and listener location. This data will give you a comprehensive snapshot of your show’s performance and potential areas of improvement. 

Overall, we couldn’t be more excited about this integration, which we see as a win for our creators. We look forward to helping you create impressive content on Riverside, now with access to a wider audience.

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