Blog as Squadcast Alternative: Which One to Choose?

Content as Squadcast Alternative: Which One to Choose?

We evaluate Riverside as an alternative for Squadcast that offers high-quality audio & video, and is suitable for beginners and professional podcasters alike. Each has its own advantages, so, which one should you go for? We round up the pros and cons of each to help you make the decision.

Riverside & Squadcast Both Offer:

Locally Recorded, Uncompressed Audio Recordings  

Both record every participant's audio locally, creating separate, uncompressed WAV audio files for each everyone. This means that the quality of the recording is completely unaffected by the quality of the internet connection - each file will sound crisp and clean when it’s downloaded, regardless of any glitches you may experience live. Depending on whether you use in-built laptop mics or external microphones, the recording could even be studio quality. Additionally, the uncompressed, separate tracks make for a much easier, speedier editing process.

Progressive Uploads and Back-Ups  

Both software solutions upload everyone’s audio while the podcast is being recorded so that there’s very little wait time to download the files at the end and you can get right to editing and uploading your episodes to your podcast hosts. Plus, they perform automatic backups to the cloud throughout the recording, so you don’t have to worry about losing everything if disaster strikes.

Easy Process For Guests 

Riverside and Squadcast both make joining your show an easy, stress-free process for any interview guests. The setup couldn't be easier. All you have to do is send them a link to join, and they will be taken to your session. No downloads or sign-in is necessary. There’s also a “green-room” which allows them to check their appearance and prepare themselves to get started.

View Guest’s Mic and Video   

With both, you can view which mic and video input every participant is using. That way, if you notice someone is using their laptop instead of their external mic, you can give them a quick reminder to ensure the audio quality is as crisp as possible.

All Recorded From The Browser 

Whether you use Riverside or Squadcast, the process is quick and easy, not only for your guests but for you as the host, too. You don’t have to download anything at all, simply login to your account on your browser and get started.

Riverside’s Unique Features

Locally Recorded, 4k Video  

Riverside is an appealing Squadcast alternative largely due to its capacity for video recording. It records separate, locally recorded, uncompressed video files in up to 4k resolution.  This means that the quality of the video, like the audio, will be totally unimpacted by the internet connection, and any glitches or pixelation that may appear live will not be present in the recording. This video content can then be repurposed for publishing across social media like IGTV and YouTube. It makes for great marketing content, extends your reach beyond podcast directories, and increases your connection with your audience.

Extra Customizability 

Riverside allows an incredible hands-on experience for monitoring audio and video. You can oversee audio levels, guest equipment, frame rate for the video, maximum video resolution, and you can even remove participants, should anyone get unruly. This cuts down significantly on post-production time, as you can minimize quality issues ahead of time.

Up to 8 Participants

Riverside creates scope for broad conversations with a wide range of guests. With the ability to host up to 7 guests (a total of 8 participants), you won’t have to limit your ideas according to the abilities of your recording software. Go big or go home.

Producer Mode 

With Riverside, a producer can be “present” (but not recorded/taking up a participant slot) during the show, so that they can perform quality control and you can focus on the meaningful, valuable conversation. 

Screen Sharing 

Another impressive feature of Riverside is screen sharing. This could help make your podcast more dynamic and engaging, as you can share infographics, photographs, memes, or whatever tickles your fancy with your guest and audience.

Live Streaming to External Platforms 

Not only does riverside allow you to live-stream your podcast, but it also offers the option to stream live audio and video across external social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Twitch! This is a major game-changer, enabling you to reach a wider audience and to create a more loyal, engaged, and excited audience.

Live Listener Call-ins 

Building a community is made easy by Riverside, which allows listener call-ins, with video, for Q&As. Your audience can input their name and question, then you can screen them and select who you would like to allow in to join your conversation. This helps to create a much stronger bond and sense of community with your listeners.

Pricing: Starting from $7.5/month for 2 hours of audio and video recording, $15/month for 5 hours of audio and video, $24/month for 15 hours of audio and video. Free Plan? No, 60-minute free trial.

Downsides of Riverside

No Integration With Editing Software  

Riverside does not offer integration with your editing software. But with top quality audio, you won’t have much to do, anyway.

Limited Browser and Mobile Support 

Currently, Riverside only works with Chrome on a desktop, and isn’t supported by any mobile devices. Chrome can be downloaded for free on Macs and PCs.

Squadcast’s Unique Features

Integration With Editing Software  

Squadcast integrates with some editing software, making post-production process more seamless.

Pricing: 17$/month for 5 hours of recording, 38$/month for 12 hours of recording (audio only). Free Plan? No, 7 Day free trial.

Downsides of Squadcast

No Video Recording 

Although you and your guests will have video during your conversation for a more personal touch, the video will not be recorded for you to download at the end. This means you will be lacking in content for repurposing, and potentially missing out on connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

No Producer Collaboration  

Squadcast does not offer an option for a producer to be present during the recording to monitor production. This means that you, as the host, must manage everything yourself whilst hosting the interview.

Only 4 Participants Max 

Squadcast only allows a maximum of 4 participants in your recording. This could be a bit limiting. Say you co-host with another individual, and you are interviewing another two-person team, that’s already all of your slots used up. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much scope for any broader conversations you may wish to have.

No Interactive Listener Features 

Squadcast does not offer any interactive features for your listeners. There is no call-in capability for them to ask live questions during your recording, nor any chat room of sorts.

No Live-Streaming Capabilities

Squadcast does not offer live-streaming, which could be a major drawback, depending on what type of podcast you create. Live Streams are a fantastic way to create a greater connection with your audience, to generate excitement around announcements, and to extend your reach across social platforms.

Limited Mobile Support

Squadcast does not offer mobile support on iOS devices.

Why Riverside Is An Appealing Squadcast Alternative

In order to determine which software is best suited to your needs, you’ll have to evaluate your priorities. One of Squadcast’s main advantages is its integration with editing software, alongside support from a handful of browsers besides chrome, including android mobile devices. If you want a straightforward, simple recording set-up that you can use on the go easily, this could be the way to go. On the other hand, with no video recording option, you lose out on valuable content for repurposing (and connecting with your audience). Additionally, it pales in comparison to Riverside in the customizability department; critically, it only allows up to 4 participants, where Riverside allows 8. 

If you don’t have a pressing need for mobile support, Riverside’s unique features tilt the scale heavily in its favor as a Squadcast alternative. With live-streaming capability across the most popular social channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch) and the “call-in” feature for listener questions and feedback, it hits the ball out of the park as far as building a community and maximizing your reach. Plus, the producer mode and various manual settings including monitoring audio levels, video resolution, and frame rate, make troubleshooting a breeze and offer more reassurance that your audio and video will turn out exactly how you want them.

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