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Starting a Business Podcast in 2023: What You Need to Know


Starting a Business Podcast in 2023: What You Need to Know

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know just how important your digital presence is. What you may have overlooked, however, is that a digital presence means more than just posting on social media. 

We’re talking about digital mediums such as podcasting, whose power should not be underestimated. We guarantee your customers, clients, and community will lap up your audio content. You’ll be able to build and connect with your community, market your services, and amplify your voice within your industry. 

What’s not to love? Plus, with, starting your business podcast couldn’t be easier.

What Is a Business Podcast? 

Let’s get back to the basics. A business podcast, or ‘branded podcast’, is a podcast that ultimately exists to promote your product, service, or business. 

Starting a podcast for your business is a means of leveraging the marketability of podcasts to your advantage. Though this may not always be explicit, the real purpose of any business podcast is to drive business, attract new customers, and build a community around your business.  

Business podcasts can take a variety of forms, and the most appropriate format will depend on the nature of your business, industry, and customer base. 

Note, ‘business podcasts’ can also refer to podcasts that focus on business, finance, or entrepreneurship. Literally, podcasts about starting a business. 

Benefits of starting a business podcast

If you don’t have a business podcast yet, you should. Seriously, there are almost too many benefits to starting a podcast for your business. What are you waiting for? 

#1 Increase website traffic and drive sales

A business podcast is an extremely effective way to funnel traffic to your website, driving exposure and sales all in one go. You’ll be able to consistently plug and promote your product or service and recommend your listeners visit your website to find out more. 

#2 Amp up your digital marketing

Starting a podcast for your business enables you to harness the unique marketing power of podcasting. Podcasting is an easy way to build brand awareness through engaging and interactive marketing that actually involves the consumer. 

#3 Develop and diversify your brand 

Podcasting is a great way to develop and diversify your brand. You can strengthen your brand personality, humanize your business by showcasing the people behind the brand, and offer more value to your customers. 

#4 Share your expertise and establish yourself in the industry

Though your business podcast is, at its core, a marketing tool, it is also a means of amplifying your voice within your specific industry. You’ll be offering regular insights, sharing tips and tricks, and possibly interviewing industry leaders. All of this will serve to establish your authority within your field. This will ultimately build trust in your business. A win-win. 

#5 Reach new audiences and build your community 

Podcasts are a surefire way to bring your brand to new audiences. Avid podcast listeners may stumble across your business just by browsing their podcast listening platform. If you invest enough energy into it, you’ll cultivate a community of loyal listeners who trust and support your brand. The best thing? Podcast listeners are a discerning bunch, so when they choose to listen, they’re likely to really engage with your content. 

#6 Repurpose your podcasting content 

Although starting a podcast may require additional effort when you’re starting out, since podcasting content is so versatile and adaptable, it may well end up streamlining your content creation process. 

You can repurpose your podcast transcripts and publish them as blog articles, or adapt segments of your video podcast for Instagram. The possibilities are endless. 

#7 Easy to monetize

Beyond driving sales over on your business website, there are also expansive opportunities to monetize your business podcast itself. If you build a large enough listenership, you’ll be able to pivot your podcast into an additional income stream for your business. 

#8 Potential partnerships and sponsorships 

Off the back of your business podcast, you’ll also tap into lucrative opportunities to work with like-minded brands in mutually beneficial partnership and sponsorship deals. 

Is a Business Podcast Worth the Effort? 

When the effort needed to actually start and produce a business podcast is so minimal, the answer is a no-brainer - yes! 

It’s easy to start a business podcast  

The beauty of podcasting is how easy it is to get involved. There’s an extremely low barrier to entry: all you need is a basic podcasting setup and you’re good to go. We’ll get into the details of exactly what you need below. Plus, as an established business, you’ll have tons of content banked that can be easily repurposed and showcased in podcast form. 

It’s affordable to start a business podcast 

Starting a podcast can be as low-budget as you need it to be. But don’t be fooled. Nowadays, with software like, affordability does not translate to low production value. On the contrary, you can be producing professional and HD podcasts without breaking the bank. 

If you’re still not convinced, read our article about what you can learn from branded podcasts and why your business should get involved.

Steps on how to start a business podcast:

As we mentioned earlier, starting a podcast for your business is really not that hard. Here’s are some simple steps to follow and show you what you need: 

1. Choosing a Podcast Topic, Format, Length, and Style 

The first step to starting a business podcast is to figure out what kind of podcast you’ll be making. This includes choosing a podcast topic, and deciding what kind of format and style would be most suitable. There are a number of different formats ranging from one-man shows, interviews, or even panel discussions. You’ll need to consider what kind of content you think your audience and customer base will respond to best. Plus, your specific product, niche, or industry might lend itself to one kind of podcast over another. 

2. Set up your Podcast Equipment 

Once you’ve decided on your podcast topic and structure, and planned everything out, you’ll want to think about what equipment you’ll need to start your business podcast.

The basic podcasting setup is extremely simple: microphone, headphones, and recording software. Obviously, if you have the budget and you want to invest in your business podcast, you can choose to deck out your podcasting setup with additional (but not strictly necessary) equipment. 

Read on below to find the best podcast equipment or check out our full podcast equipment guide.

3. Get Guests for Your Business Podcast

Unless you’re filming a solo-only podcast, your next step is to think about what type of guests you want to interview on your podcast. Inviting guests onto your business podcast is a great way to make waves within your industry, attract listeners, and engage your audience. Try inviting business partners, industry leaders, and influencers who engage with your product - this is a great way to market yourself and your podcast, and garner some invaluable social validation for your business. Plus, with, including remote guests is a breeze. 

4. Record, Edit, And Produce Your Podcast

After you’ve set up a time and date with your guest, make sure you’re ready to start producing. We recommend you do a test run if you can before recording. You’ll want to record your podcast in high-resolution so that it sounds (and looks) professional.

You’ll need to implement a workflow for the production of your podcast. If you’re a smaller business, you might delegate the production and editing of your podcast to one of your employees. As we’ve said, producing a podcast can be extremely low-key - especially with features such as’s Text-based Editor which takes the hassle out of post-production. 

On the other hand, if you’re a bigger operation, you may choose to hire a dedicated production team. 

5. Promote Your Business Podcast

Once you’ve invested time and energy into producing your business podcast, ensure to market it properly. Promoting your podcast is fundamental to its success because you’ll only reap the benefits if you reach a wide enough audience. 

Leverage your existing customer base by promoting your business podcast across your social media channels as well as your mailing list. Incorporate promotional lead magnets on your website and other marketing materials. Go crazy!  It’ll be worth it. 

A great idea is to create short shareable promotional clips that you can post all over social media to entice viewers in. You can easily do this with Riverside’s Magic Clips feature. All it takes is one quick click, and leave AI to do the rest.

6. Continue promoting individual Episodes once they’re released

As much as we like big-picture thinking, it’s also important not to neglect each individual episode. Strike a balance between promoting the overall podcast and capitalizing on the value of each episode. You’ll be covering different content and themes every time, so think about how that might appeal to different audiences. You could even consider publishing segments or even whole episodes on Youtube or Instagram.

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Can you start a podcast for free?

Absolutely. Though, there will probably be a couple of start-up costs that are pretty much unavoidable such as the purchase of equipment or podcasting software. But these costs will be pretty minimal in the long run. 

Podcast equipment on a budget

As we’ve said, it’s incredibly easy to get yourself a great podcasting setup without breaking the bank. 

In fact, we’ve put together a whole guide to the best podcasting equipment out there, so you don’t have to spend time looking. We also have a guide that covers the best podcast equipment under $100. Here are a few of our recommendations from our guide: 

The best value microphone for podcasting

Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic Podcast and Broadcast Microphone

At only $99, this compact and portable mic is ideal for podcasters. It’s got an in-built pop-filter and shock mount to protect your audio, and its cardioid polar pattern automatically minimizes the amount of background noise it picks up. 

The best headphones for podcasting 

Audio-Technica ATH M40x

These headphones deliver great sound quality and comfort levels for $100, what’s not to love? 

The best audio recorders or interfaces

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

The Behringer Xenyx 1202FX is a simple, get-the-job-done, kind of mixer. And at only $77 it’s pretty unbeatable. 

The best software for recording your podcast is an industry leader for recording your podcast. It serves new and professional podcasters alike and delivers HD quality every single time. As a browser-based software, Riverside is built to make your life easier. No strings attached. Let’s take a look at just some of the features on offer: 

Affordable runs on a subscription-based model. You can choose between the free plan or the paid plans starting at $15 which come with additional features.

Record from anywhere in the world

Remote podcasting runs in Riverside’s blood: you can record with up to 7 guests from anywhere in the world.  Each participant is automatically recorded locally so you’ll get crystal clear audio and video regardless of how near or far they are. 

Progressive Uploads 

Riverside automatically progressively uploads each participant’s recording as you record. Not only does this minimize the risk of data loss, but it saves you time at the end of your podcasting session. No need to wait around waiting for your files to process because they’ll already be waiting for you in your Riverside dashboard. 

Transcriptions’s automatic transcription feature makes it even easier to repurpose your podcast content and make your podcast accessible to more audiences. Once you’ve finished recording, go into your Magic Editor and your transcription will be automatically generated. It’s almost too easy. 

The best software to edit your podcast

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for you (or your employees) to be editing your podcast for hours on end. Save time and streamline your process by using’s integrated editing features. 

Text-based Video-Editor

Riverside’s Editor makes video editing as easy as going through a text document. We offer Ai transcriptions in over 100 languages which you can use to navigate and edit through all your recordings. Any text you delete in your transcript, removes the corresponding video and audio in your recording. You can also use these transcripts to find a specific phrase. Once you have a final cut, you can fine-tune audio, customize your podcast and even add your own branding.

Starting a business podcast FAQs

How much does a podcast episode cost?

As much or as little as you want it to. As we’ve said, you can start a podcast for basically nothing. One cost to consider, though, is marketing. If you’re planning on running ads on Facebook, for example, your bill may start to rack up. 

Should my podcast be an LLC?

LLC stands for ‘Limited Liability Company’. The reason some businesses choose to set their podcast up as an LLC is to limit their liability and optimize their tax situation. Establishing an LLC essentially enables business owners to protect their personal assets, open up tax choices that benefit their bottom line, and also gain credibility with their customer base. 

This is a legal and financial decision that will be specific to your business and podcasting circumstances, so there’s no one fixed answer. The best course of action would be to consult your solicitor and take advice. 

What are some recommended business podcasts?

According to Forbes, these are the Top 5 New and Notable Business Podcasts to watch in 2021

  1. Over the Wall with Rob LoCascio 
  2. WTF: What’s the Future? 
  3. Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Invites 
  4. Peak Performance Life 
  5. The Backpack Show 

Can You Make Money With Podcasting?

Yes, you can. There are a number of ways you can monetize your podcast and make money podcasting. You can strike lucrative sponsorship deals with other businesses who want access to your captive audience or include ads in your podcast, for a fee. You could also consider producing podcast-specific merch or exclusive access for your fanbase. 

Read about how to promote, grow, and monetize your podcast in our guide. 

What podcasts do business owners listen to?

As with music, taste in podcasts is super personal. You’ll find business owners listening to podcasts focussing on meditation to entrepreneurial motivation. Here are examples of the most popular podcasts: 

The New York Times’ The Daily 

The Daily brings you the ‘biggest stories of our time’ as told by the world’s best journalists. Short 20 minute episodes that deep dive into current affairs. 

Incredible Women by Net-A-Porter 

An empowering podcast about pioneering women and how they affect change. Each podcast delves into how each individual can make waves and change society. 

This American Life 

This is an all-time favorite podcast that brings together thematic human stories, putting a spin on typical journalism. 

Is a podcast good for your business?

As we saw earlier in the article, there are almost too many benefits to starting a business podcast to count. You’ll grow your audience, market your product, and establish your voice as an authority in the business. Plus, you’ll get the thrill of podcasting! 

Do you need a license to make a podcast?

You don’t need a license to make a podcast, but if you’re planning on including copyrighted material such as music, you’ll probably need to obtain a license to use it in your recording. 

Can you start a podcast with no audience?

Absolutely. If you’re starting a business podcast, the likelihood is your existing customer base will soon convert into listeners. But the beauty of podcasting is the organic growth your listenership can gain just from a consistent output and good quality content. 

How does a beginner start a podcast?

As with many things, all you’ve got to do is start. Launching a podcast may sound like a daunting or impossible task, but it’s really not. With software like, the whole process is intuitive and hassle-free from beginning to end. 

Learn about how to start a podcast with our comprehensive guide. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Are podcasts protected by copyright?

In the United States, copyright law applies automatically to creative works that have been ‘fixed’. ‘Fixing’ in the context of podcasting means recording. So, if you’ve expressed an idea in an original way, your work is protected by law.

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