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Easily create high-end podcasts remotely with's podcast recording, editing, and transcription software.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing podcast software

The best podcast software turns your recordings into studio-quality podcasts seamlessly. Choose software with high-resolution video and audio recording. We suggest a minimum of 720p HD video and 44.1kHz audio resolution. If you’re creating podcasts on the go, make sure your software records locally. Local recording stops internet issues from affecting the quality of your recordings. For fully secure files, use software with progressive uploading and cloud storage integration. 

Besides a seamless recording setup, you’ll want editing that’s simple. Look for easy-to-use editing tools that can automatically polish your podcast’s audio and video. This can include background noise suppression, customized backgrounds, and quick clip creation. If you’re podcasting live, make sure there are live editing soundboard options too. Podcast software with automatic podcast transcriptions can also save you a lot of time and money and is great for repurposing your podcast.

Why choose as your software for recording podcasts?

Easy-to-use podcasting software

Because is browser-based, guests can join with one simple click, without having to download anything. It really is that easy to get studio-quality from anywhere.

HD podcast recording software

Record podcasts and conversations you're proud of with up to 7 guests, no matter where you or your guests are located. Everything is recorded locally, so you can get studio-quality recordings, no matter how good/bad your internet connection is.

Record your podcast programs with up to 4K resolution is a versatile podcasting program. You can record audio-only or audio and video podcasts. Even better: The recording quality doesn’t depend on internet quality to guarantee high-quality content.

Fast & secure podcast recording uploads

Automatically receive the recorded files from all your guests as soon as you’re done recording. All files are uploaded while you’re recording, so you can rest assured your files will be uploaded in high-quality instantly.

Optimize your editing processes

Streamline your post-production edits and let Riverside's Magic Editor automatically merge the separate audio and video tracks, creating a professional looking podcast, in just a few clicks.

Automatic podcast transcripts

After recording the content, you can obtain transcriptions automatically. No need to do it manually anymore. Just download them as srt or .txt file, or both.

How to use Riverside’s podcast software

1. Create a studio

Open, and create a studio. Customize the studio settings to fit your wildest recording dreams!

2. Invite your guests

Invite up to 7 of your guests to join from anywhere (even our mobile app!) by sending them a link.

3. Start recording

Start recording your podcasts in seconds, and get studio-quality results every time.

4. Download files

Download the separate audio/video files for each participant, as well as the transcription file from the Magic Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you need to make a podcast?

While there are several options out there, with you can record up to 8 users in studio-quality from anywhere.

How do I start a podcast?

Starting a podcast doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when using When you’re done recording on, you can simply go to the Magic Editor, and have the editing done for you!

How do I record a podcast remotely?

Using you can record a podcast from anywhere! Yes, we mean ANYWHERE! Read our article about how to record a podcast remotely to learn more.

How can I record a podcast from my iPhone?

For sure! currently offers an iOS and Android mobile app from which you can record your podcast.

How do I record a podcast online?

Sign up for, create a studio, and voila! You can start recording studio-quality podcasts online!

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