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Record video podcasts remotely with up to 7 guests and get separate audio & video for each of them.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing video podcast software

The video podcast software you choose impacts your podcast’s quality. Choose software that records in high video resolution for studio results. We recommend HD resolution or higher and it’s worth investing in audio too with a minimum of 44.1kHz or 48kHz resolution. It’s best to have software with local recording so no internet connection interferes with your podcast’s quality. If you’re recording remotely, make sure you can invite guests to join your podcasts. With reliable remote recording software, your guests can join you straight from home or anywhere

on the go! Once your podcast recording setup is complete, look at what editing tools your software offers. Firstly, choose video podcast software with separate tracks. Separate tracks give you more editing control and make it easy to turn one recording into both a video and audio podcast. To save editing time go for software with effective editing tools for quick touch-ups, cutting your content into shorter clips, and easy customizable layouts. Extra features worth looking into include live streaming, automatic transcription, and live editing.

Why choose Riverside as your video podcast recording software?

Video podcasting software for everyone and anyone

Because is browser-based, guests can join with one simple click, without having to download anything. Easily get studio-quality video podcast recordings from anywhere.

Live stream your video podcast seamlessly

With you can live-stream to all your favorite platforms, and also have users ask questions with our live call-in feature!

Podcast video software, stress-free and HD records all participants locally and automatically uploads the separate audio and video tracks to the cloud. Upon completion of the interview, all files are available for downloading.

Play video clips live from your studio

Play pre-loaded video clips during your live video podcast recording sessions straight from your studio. All your clips are automatically recorded and synced up, saving you a ton of editing time.

Transcribe your video podcasts in seconds

Convert your video podcasts into text files in seconds with’s automatic transcription. Download the video transcription as a .txt file, .srt file, or both!

Separate video files (up to 4K) for each guest

Have as much control as you need in post-production with separate audio and up to 4K video tracks for each participant, every time.

How to record a video podcast with

1. Create a studio

Open, and create a studio. Customize the studio setting to fit your needs in seconds!

2. Invite your guests to record or watch

Invite your guests to join from anywhere (even our mobile app) by sending them a link.

3. Start recording from literally anywhere

Start recording your video podcast, and play your pre-uploaded clips live from the studio, stress-free.

4. Download the separate video files

Download separate audio and video files for each participant, as well as the transcription file from the Magic Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a video be a podcast?

Absolutely! When you record with, you can get separate audio and video files for each participant, so you can choose how and where to share your podcast.

How do I host a video podcast?

On, you can host a video podcast recording from anywhere in the world, and invite guests to join you from anywhere, including our iOS and Android mobile app! Simply sign up, create a studio, and start recording in minutes!

How can I record a video podcast remotely?

With Riverside you can record a video podcast remotely, from absolutely anywhere! Start recording in just a few clicks.

How to record a video podcast on your iPhone?

With's iOS and Android mobile app, you can record a video podcast straight from your iPhone!

How to record a video podcast online? is the ultimate platform to record video podcasts online! Sign up now to see how easy it is to get studio-quality results when recording video podcasts online!

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