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Record professional video testimonials from your customers with ease.

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Why use Riverside to record customer testimonials?

Easy to use

All it takes is sharing a link with your customer. They click on the link, you hit record, and you're done within minutes.

Recording quality

Capture your customers in up to 4K video resolution. The quality of the recordings is independent of internet connection.

Efficient solution

You already ask customers for a favor when recording their video testimonial. That's why you don't want to take more time than needed. With Riverside, you can record professional testimonials in a matter of minutes. All from the browser.

Instant access

The video testimonials that you record with customers are automatically uploaded to your dashboard. You'll have instant access to them.

How to record video testimonials with Riverside?

1. Create a studio

Make a reusable studio and select your preferred settings.

2. Invite your guest

Send an interview link to your guests that join with one click.

3. Hit the record button

Welcome the guest to the virtual studio & start recording.

4. Download the files

When ending the recording, all files are available to download.

Collect video testimonials that you're proud of

With Riverside's video testimonial software, you can start collecting video testimonials in a way that's easy for both you and your happy customers. All recorded in the best possible quality.

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